About Us

At Alevgold we take jewellery seriously, we take our customers seriously too. Yet our philosophy also allows us to enjoy selling our jewellery, and we want you to enjoy it too. From the most simple ring or earring set, we take care to ensure we have chosen what we believe the best for our customers in quality and value.

We will visit you at home if you prefer and bring a selection of your choices to try and measure for fitting, just call us for an appointment.

Jewellery, rings, earrings, bracelets, chains, wedding rings, engagement rings, pendants all from alevgold.

Gold, all our products are solid gold.

Gold has been highly sought  because of its rarity weight and colour, it was found malleable and easy to form into objects. Jewellery was the ideal use, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets have been made from gold since the beginning of history.

We offer the best combination of style and value in our jewellery as possible. Investment in a gold ring or bracelet is wiser than ever.

With fine jewellery you also invest in art.

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Yellow Gold   

The most common colour, yellow gold is created with an alloy of silver copper and zinc.

The resulting yellow reflects the natural colour of the gold. Yellow and white gold are similar in strength and durability.

It is the carat weight and design, not the colour that determines the price.

White gold

is created by an alloy of nickel, copper zinc or silver.

Nickel or silver can be the major component in this alloy to give the gold its white colour.

Silver is better if you have a sensitivity to nickel.

Rose gold

is alloyed with copper and silver. The resulting gold has a reddish rose hue. Rose gold is often used in the manufacture of three colour jewelry, yellow, white and rose gold together.

Purity of gold can be described in three ways.

The karat is parts out of 24

Percent is parts out of 100

Fineness is parts out of 1000.

We use Karats 24 carat gold being 100% or 1000 fine.

18K  75% 750 fine

14k 58.5% 585 fine

9k 37.5% 375 fine